...Is Our Story


In 1987, my husband, Mike, and I moved to Colorado and settled in the foothills community of Conifer. Since then, we have raised two wonderful children, become committed to improving our community, and fallen in love with Colorado’s beautiful outdoors.

I grew up in a military family, which meant nearly annual moves until I was 10 years old. Moving so frequently and growing up with three brothers taught me to be adventurous, flexible, and independent. Once I graduated from college, I went on to work as a speech pathologist and then a cabinet-maker.

Throughout my many moves and new homes, I had always appreciated the outdoors, but our move to Colorado really opened my eyes. Over our many wonderful years in this beautiful state, we have embraced skiing, cycling, hiking, camping and paddling rivers and lakes. What is not to love about the great outdoors in Colorado?

Since 1987, we have made the foothills our true home. Mike and I were proud to send our two children, Laurel and Sean, to Jeffco Schools, where they received a stellar education. I am so grateful to the many talented and caring teachers of Jeffco schools who laid such a formidable foundation for my children’s current success.

While my children were in school, I became more and more involved in advocating for effective public education, especially focused on Jefferson County Public Schools. For 18 years I have taken on an advisory role to school administrators and school boards. For four years, I was a member and leader with the Jeffco Associations Legislative Forum, which is dedicated to discussions concerning education legislation with various stakeholders. Through this process I have learned from so many parents, students, teachers and administrators about how to make real improvements in our schools.

In 2015, I took on the role of Mountain Area Lead in the Jeffco Schools recall campaign of three school board members. It was a landslide success, with bipartisan support. This grassroots effort was a demonstration of what a motivated and informed community can do when they unite behind the shared value of strong and effective public education.

My commitment to community advocacy was sparked by my passion for the great outdoors, shaped by my appreciation for exceptional public education, and honed by recognizing the value of mentorship for career professionals.

It would be my honor to serve as your State Senator. 

- Tammy